Focussing on the re-use of critical raw materials

About us

Chemconserve BV was established to commercialise innovative technologies in the field of sustainable use of Planet Earth’s critical resources, leveraging the knowhow and networks of its founders and the Associates.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our business behavior.

Chemconserve Management Team

Marco Th.A. Pieterse (MSc Wageningen University) is an early stage technology venture development specialist, with background in venture capital (World bank, Gilde Investments), and with experience in broad range of clean technology ventures, including energy technologies, agribusiness and water technologies. Particular focus as a venture developer on the conversion of innovative technology into marketable products. Experience includes business planning and fund raising (several early stage companies), exiting of investments (e.g. successfully sold ECN’s fuel cell technologies to HC Starck and FCE), and licensing deals (e.g. licensing rare earth recycling technology to a large industrial conglomerate). Currently involved in several early stage companies.
Co-founder of Chemconserve BV.

Responsible for project and business development.

Kees R. Nederveen (MSc Utrecht University)
is organometallic chemist and business economist of Utrecht University by training. He achieved 40 years of industrial experience, of which six years at DuPont International Switzerland in product management and market development of spunlaced fabrics. His career brought him in Akzo Nobel business management of Specialty Chemicals, followed by selection of jv partners for new Plant Investments and strategies in Asia/Pacific with successes in China, India and Malaysia. Kees completed his industrial career as sBU President of Diosynth Inc North America, in manufacture and marketing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
Since 1998  involved in Deka Holding BV as an Associate. Co-founder of Chemconserve BV, that acquired most activities from Deka Holding.

Responsible for technology development and chemicals trade.

Chemconserve Associate

Dr. Arie Besemer, BSc Organic Chemistry Utrecht University. PhD Delft Technical University. 45 years of broad applied R&D experience at TNO and Svenska Cellulosa (SCA) in the field of carbohydrate / cellulose chemistry, including wood and paper fibres. Emphasis on oxidative modifications including TEMPO-mediated and enzymatic reactions. With Chemconserve and its legal predecessors since 2004.
Main responsibility: development of WPC, TEMPO and –derivatives applications in carbohydrate materials.  Involved as an inventor in 40 patents, of which several cellulose related patents assigned to TNO and SCA.



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