Focussing on the re-use of critical raw materials


TriPhenylPhosphineOxide (TPPO) is largely a fatal by-product of specialty chemical reduction reactions (e.g. Wittig syntheses). Chemconserve developed a purification process to reach high-purity targets for dedicated applications.

We offer this product in commercial quantities in various forms of packaging.


TriPhenylPhosphineOxide (2,2,6,6-TetraMethylPiperidine,1-Oxyl or TEMPO) offers unique radical oxidation potentials. We offer this and its derivatives 4-hydroxy and 4-oxo-TEMPO in specific applications for largely cellulosic materials.

Organic Phosphonium compounds
TEMPO [2564-83-2 ]
TEMPO (4-hydroxy-)[2226-96-2]
TEMPO (4-oxo-)[2896-70-0]
Triphenyl phosphine oxide (TPPO) [791-28-6]

Other products can be sourced on request.